Carmen Rivera
Carmen Rivera


Written on 13.02.2021 at 20:37 by Carmen Rivera

Bored of watching too much Netflix, a lazy, couch potato of a slave has decided to serve the desires of Mistresses Lady Blackdiamoond, Goddess Vanessa, and Carmen Rivera. Out of practice, his cunt mouth is not sufficiently able to spoil the ladies' feet with extensive tongue-licking. So, instead, he's used as a human carpet, and more! The ladies first dance on him and trample his naked body. Because he's so lazy, he's not horny at all! Basically, he couldn't even spell horny, even if he tried. So, as punishment, he's kicked and lashed with a whip. From there, his face is wrapped in plastic wrap, and he's turned into human furniture for the ladies. Tortured to the point of breathlessness, he's basically become a humble servant to these mistresses. Because his Netflix addiction has made him good for nothing else, he's only worth being a toy for arousal and milking at any time. Finally, after so much use and at the point of orgasm, the slave exchanges his remote control for a hard boner. Immediately, he's allowed to unload his remote-cock on the tips of Baronessa Carmen's boots. Even in the worst crisis, choose NETT WIX instead of NETFLIX!


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