Carmen Rivera
Carmen Rivera

Dildoking - All In

Written on 16.07.2022 at 10:17 by Carmen Rivera

Seller Carmen also thought that when the charming couple entered the store. Here at DILDOKING in Berlin, CUSTOMER SERVICE is redefined. Everything HAS TO GO IN is called the motto and the sales department RIVERA ensures that in person! With the huge selection of heavy, unusual Sextoys, many customer have consider that he/she/it could feel too much. Seller Carmen often likes to help out with professional competence in theory AND practice. SELINA MORGAN and her partner Frank are very enthusiastic as Carmen offers ALL to try out of the well-sorted assortment of ANAL TOYS before the purchasing decision is made. Particular attention is paid to the exceptional Dildos from MRHANKEYSTOYS in combination with an STRAP ON HARNESS from STRAPONXXL.COM . The perfect Match for using big dildos and customer Frank has obviously his fun while the two ladies are playing on his horny asshole. The WAY IS THE GOAL - and the TROPHY is a FREE EXTRA CLASS XXL DILDO - if the whole ARM of the ladies can be placed in his ass cunt, too. In the end, not only the shopping cart is „bullet filled“. BRAVO! The new DILDO KING OF THE MONTH is certain and the two have taken their CATCH OF THE DAY.

Dildoking - All In
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