Carmen Rivera
Carmen Rivera

Fuck the Pain Away

Written on 08.01.2022 at 16:08 by Carmen Rivera

Come and play with me! The call of the mistress Carmen Rivera have followed two test subjects. However, when they came to the Dungeon, they quickly found out that only those who have the necessary balls in their pants are allowed to play! However, test person F. is castrated. So the mistress orders him to squirt the empty Balls while the games begin.
Subject D. on the other hand has a permanently horny cock, so he wears a cock cage. His best "bitch" can hardly wait to be allowed to dance according to the rules of the mistress. By electric shock the slave cock is brought to life and the strong suction power of the dick pump almost makes him implode before in the 2nd part of the game the butt of the mistress on his face provides breath-taking moments.
A tease and denial with the nettle whip bring him back to the ground where he belongs.
However, the slave doesn't have much time to think of a new game strategy. Before he knows it, his much too tight asshole is deflowered by Mistress Carmen and abused according to all the rules of art. But that's not enough, now the freshly sprayed subject F. comes into play. He can hardly wait to get his gaping sphincter penetrated until the eagerly throbbing pulse of his twitching gut massages the tender shoulder skin of the mistress.
But one thing must be clear to everyone, in this game there is only one winner: CARMEN RIVERA

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