Carmen Rivera
Carmen Rivera

Fuckdown Part 1 - Fuck Against Hemorrhoids

Written on 28.02.2021 at 00:07 by Carmen Rivera

Watch as Ass Masters Carmen Rivera and Lady Blackdiamoond's "anal therapy" treats hemorrhoids!
For patient Didi and "ass apprentice" Chris, their time in the Fetish Institute involves particularly bizarre "treatment methods." To begin, even in Didi's worst nightmares, he didn't imagine anything like his painful preparation on the dildo-bench, involving punches and the deep stretching of his anal canal!
Didi's excited and revived after Lady Rivera fills and empties his hemorrhoid hole with a golden shower enema. His anticipation is rewarded with Ladies Carmen and Blackdiamoond hammering his gaping hole with enormous cocks from Carmen's latest collection of monstrous dildos. "Ass Apprentice" Chris happily joins in on the fuck-fest, filling Didi's tortured hole with his own brands (including using a new XXL strap-on on Didi himself) of hard, aroused excitement. Soon, Chris, on the edge of an explosion, is replaced by the ladies, who make Didi a fuck-and-fist object to continue their bizarre treatments. Chris is not left alone for long, though. During Didi's remaining fist-and-fuck therapy, he gives Chris a obliged blow job. Finally, after being fucked and fisted, plus punched and plugged, horny-ass patient Didi reaches his happy, "hemorrhoid-free" happy end.
Once again, Carmen Rivera`s anal fuck and fist therapy makes for a happier and hemorrhoid-free life!

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