Carmen Rivera
Fuckdown - Fuck Against Hemorrhoids (Part 4
Fuckdown - Fuck Against Hemorrhoids (Part 4

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"Ass Apprentice" Chris happily joins in on the fuck-fest, filling Didi's tortured hole with his own brands (including using a new XXL strap-on on Didi himself) of hard, aroused excitement. Soon, Chris, on the edge of an explosion, is replaced by the ladies, who make Didi a fuck-and-fist object to continue their bizarre treatments. Chris is not left alone for long, though. During Didi's remaining fist-and-fuck therapy, he gives Chris a obliged blow job. Finally, after being fucked and fisted, plus punched and plugged, horny-ass patient Didi reaches his happy, "hemorrhoid-free" happy end. Once again, Carmen Rivera's anal fuck and fist therapy makes for a happier and hemorrhoid-free life!