Carmen Rivera
PrisANAL (Part 2)
PrisANAL (Part 2)

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Such a daily prison routine in Warsaw is quite something. The prison management has introduced a new rehabilitation measure in the form of anal re-education. The prisoner is allowed a taste because he was particularly disobedient and did not want to fit into the social order. Guard "Strapwoman" and ass profiler "Carmen Rivera" put him through the wringer and take him to the 6th penal chamber where some tools await his criminally greedy asshole. The prison forge has developed an iron ass-fucking- bench especially for this purpose, on which the inmate is fixed and given discipline and order by the two ass-terminators. As a deterrent, the stretchy ass interrogation is broadcast live to the fellow inmates in the prison cell. Because remember: The dildo of consequence is rarely oiled and where the fist of the law rules, anal tenderness is not wanted. WARSAW PRISON