Carmen Rivera
We make it! (Part 1)
We make it! (Part 1)

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A vacation that was sponsored by her anal object Frank turns out to be a huge disappointment for Lady Carmen! A tiny pool in front of her but a big asshole next to her, so she rigs up her travel companion's ass for this erroneous booking. Even huge dildos with more than four inches diameter dissapear in his insatiable xxl-grotto. So after that borderline 'warm up' the truly fun part begins: Mistress' entire arm drills the anal expanse of his asshole! Merely a true tsunami of lubricant, which was inserted beforehand in copious quantities, is hindering her fist marching-through towards his tonsils. The fresh country air leads Mistress and her ass-object to unforseen high-performances. Limits and orifices are made to be extended. Lady Carmen's fist knows no boundaries: Yes we can!