Carmen Rivera
Zombie Clinic (Classic Movie)
Zombie Clinic (Classic Movie)

Video-Length: 54m 59s
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Language: German


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The Zombie Girl must be revived - whatever it takes! (German with english subtitles) Carmen Rivera walks into Irene Boss's clinic at the Compound to find a fetish zombie Marie who need serious reviving! The nude girl is under a sheet wearing nothing but nipple jewelry. The beautiful Carmen inspects her employing slow sensual spitting with tongue play while she gropes her young hard body in a sexual manner. A pinwheel, nipple clamps, and pussy slapping are introduced. A metal speculum is inserted and then a metal dildo while Dr. Rivera continues the nipple play and then goes back to tongue play while licking the zombie's lips. She is masturbated with the metal dildo and orally fucked. The girl is flogged and bound, and clamps are attached to her pussy lips. Marie is placed in her first rubber catsuit in order for the zipper to be strategically unzipped so Dr. Carmen can apply the speculum again. The patient is face sat. She mysteriously and briefly revives and begins orally servicing the sexy doctor through her thin rubber thong. A giant vibrator is applied and Marie begins squirming before enduring electric violet wand play on her body and pussy while she flops around like a doll. She is turned over for spanking, ass examination and fingering. A metal plug is inserted into the zombie girl's ass. She is fucked vaginally with a strapon on the multi-bench. The action continues and Dr. Carmen eventually gets bored and throws Marie in the trash!