Carmen Rivera
Advent, Advent - an Asshole burns!
Advent, Advent - an Asshole burns!

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Their lecherousness leads the three Santa Claus straight into a Dominastudio. There Lady Kate and Baroness Carmen distribute presents of a special kind: Santa No. 1 finds himself directly on the gynecologic stool, where his balls get filled with 2 liters of drip solution which transforms them into big Christmas tree decorations balls. His colleague, gets deep down in his throat, the monstrous truncheon of the Baronessa as well as the meaty rod of Santa's little helper Ruprecht. Gigantic Strapons and agile fists continually bore into the anal abysses of the three white beards until these hear the angels singing. Complimenting the festival of large intestine pains. The perverted activity is crowned with a wet spurt on the Advent wreath, which Santa No. 3 wears as a festive arse border. Randy Christmas a la Baroness!